Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best Boy Shorts Swimwear to Look Hot And Sexy

Sexy swimsuit twopiece boyshort models
Boy shorts are a kind of women's inner wear and look similar to the men's boxer shorts, hence the name boy shorts. They are also known as boy cut panties, boy short panties, boy leg briefs or shorties. Boy shorts as swimwear is a fantastic option. They may not be regular bikini wearers or a swimsuit does not make them look sexy. Hence, they turn to boy shorts swimwear’s which are quite in vogue these days and look absolutely stunning, while adding to your sex appeal.

Coogi Traingle Top With Boy Shorts Swimwear Models

Sweet Black Boy Short Swimwear Design

Two piece Halter Top & Boy Shorts Bikini design

Women's Boy Short Swimwear Gallery


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