Thursday, July 12, 2012

Different Styles Of Women's Underwear

Exotic women's underwear models
There are many different styles of women's underwear, or panties, available today. Briefs are the traditional type of women's underwear. They have a fairly high rise and fit low on the leg. These are often called by the slang term granny panties as they are associated with the earlier conservative styles of women's underwear. This style may even fit higher at the waist than the belly button. Proper fit is important in this style or they may sag too much.

Laced Women's Underwear Images

Sexy Womens Organic Bamboo Underwear

Stylish light blue womens underwear sets

Sweet Light Purple Underwear Set Images

Under Armour Active Hipster Womens Underwear

White Women's Underwear Pictures

Womens Underwear Images


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