Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Spandex Underwear You Should To Know

Stretchiness and its ability to regain its shape after being stretched out are some potential advantages of buying spandex underwear.
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In fact, some people prefer spandex underwear just because of its stretchiness and the ease of choosing size that fits. On the other hand, many people have spandex allergies, do not believe in purchasing synthetic fabrics, or are prone to health problems that require them to avoid fabrics that do not breathe well.

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Spandex is synthetic fabric with plastic base. Some people are allergic to it, while other people refuse to buy synthetic fabrics for the well-being of the planet or because they believe natural fabrics wear or wash better. When people are allergic to spandex, their skin is usually irritated when they come in contact with it. While spandex is more prevalent in women’s clothing, spandex allergy can be frustrating for both sexes because underwear for men and women often has at least some spandex in the elastic band. On the other hand, people who do not buy synthetic fabrics generally don't because they consider themselves green, because natural fabrics wear better, or both.
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The potential con of wearing spandex underwear is the increased likelihood of developing yeast infection or urinary tract infection, particularly for women. Spandex does not breathe well, unlike cotton, wool, and silk. It is also stretchy, so people are more likely to choose size that follows their body’s contours perfectly, but this can lead to wearing underwear that is too tight. In addition, it has poor wicking properties, meaning it does poor job of absorbing moisture on the wearer’s skin, like sweat. To ensure the health of the genitals, doctors typically recommend wearing breathable, somewhat loose undergarments that absorb moisture well.
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Spandex underwear can lose its shape after the first few wears, depending on the quantity of spandex and what other materials make up the underwear. In addition, spandex underwear can lose its shape while person is wearing it. It might regain its shape when washed and drip-dried but lose it again after few hours of wear. In general, if spandex underwear loses its shape after just few hours of wear, it is typically because the wearer is wearing size too small.


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