Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some Basic Advice To Get You To Your Version Of The Chic Ideal Of Pear Shape Body

Living with a pear-shaped body may mean much of your life is spent trying to find clothes that draw the eye away from your lower half. Well, you have reason to rejoice, because this post will give you some basic advice, to get you to your version of the chic ideal.
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Let's begin, by getting the painful part out of the way. The part where we define what a pear-shaped body type indicates. Quick and short, pear-shaped, is bottom heavy. Wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. Not clear enough? Think of a pear, its skin all shiny and green, slender at the top, gently increasing in girth and diameter, flaring out at the bottom. That's what a pear-shaped human would look like (minus the green color of course). Since that's out of the way, we can finally get started discussing what apparel best suits this body type.

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Since the lower half of your body is more generous that the upper, the idea is to create some balance, by focusing the eye on the upper half, and drawing it away from the hips and thighs.
Choosing the right pair of jeans is a very basic necessity. The best way to do this is to try on several pairs, in various styles, and then arrive at what looks best. You could also look up a conversion chart for jeans sizes before you hit the stores, so you know what size to start with. In general, the following rules will work best for a pear-shaped body:

  • Choose lightweight denim in dark colors, with a bit of stretch, for the best fit.
  • Bootleg cuts and flared jeans will give you a longer, leaner look and balance the body.
  • Pay attention to the back pockets - tiny pockets make your rear look large, as will pockets that are far apart.
  • Choose a pair with pockets that sit low - this will make your bottom look higher.
  • Avoid tapered legs, baggy fits, skinny and high-waisted jeans - all these are a no-no for this body type.
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When choosing dresses, pear-shaped bodies will benefit from A-lines, and flared skirts. A common mistake is to wear loose fitting, shapeless skirts, which add weight instead of detracting - so choose styles which skim the hips and flare slightly. Keep the length at or just below the knee, this elongates the legs, especially if you're wearing high heels. Since your upper half is slim and not heavy, strapless dresses or those with delicate straps are versions you can carry off with ease. Bathing suits similarly, should reflect the same fundamentals - pick halter tops or bandeau swimsuits, which draw attention to your bust line and enhance it.
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Finally, enjoy your body - the pear-shaped body type is one of the easiest to dress. Follow a diet for specific for your body type if you feel the need to cut down on fat. Stay fit, eat healthy and stay confident; if you feel good, you'll look good - guaranteed!


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