Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Styling Tips On White Skinny Jeans to Set The Stage On Fire

A loose tank top, messy hair, a pair of boots, and that white skinny jeans... you're all set to leave a mark wherever you go.
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No matter what your silhouette is, a pair of white jeans is bound to make you look curvy and fashionable, being the latest buzz those skinny jeans for girls is! However, for full figure ladies, it is always recommended to analyze your body size before going for a white skinny jeans, chiefly because you do not want to look obscene, do you? Women have this prowess of adjusting their denims proportionately according to their waist sizes and hips. Fashion mongers all over the world have countless options for skinny jeans for curvy women which are of great help to females who're slightly outside the parameters. So, the first tip is to make sure you know how to wear skinny jeans, and keep in mind the size that fits you the best.

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Now, what to wear along with them? For females who're slim and trim, a tube top which solidly contrasts with your jeans is an awesome idea. My personal choice would be a yellow-colored string tube top which looks extremely refreshing. You could also wear a baby doll or a V-neck top of different colors, and wear metal accessories with it. The best thing about white skinny jeans is that it offers unlimited opportunities to wear anything and everything with it. On top of that, if you're perfectly figured, no job is difficult for you. However, if you're towards the plumper sides, long tops with trendy belts are a perfect match. You can wear loose, multi-colored, vertically-striped tops which create an illusion of a slimmer figure.
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Coming to the most important accessory, a good handbag and a pair of heels are a big yes! Remember, a good handbag alone tells about your style quotient. On the other hand, heels go extremely well with this kind of jeans, mostly because it elongates your silhouette and adds that grace as you walk, which is otherwise difficult with a skinny jeans, especially if you are towards the plumper domain. There are some awesome varieties of shoes to wear with skinny jeans put forth by fashion mongers all over the world just for you. So, grab a new pair of white jeans if you still don't have one, and start experimenting!
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Just make sure that you're comfortable wearing it and that it doesn't look too tight or too loose. A good pair of jeans has sex appeal, an expression, simplicity, and trendiness at the same time...all that one looks for while buying clothes!
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