Friday, May 10, 2013

Some Points You Should to Know about Posture Bra

A posture bra, sometimes called posture brace, is bra intended to keep the spine in proper alignment, promoting good posture and possibly reducing pain.

Champagne Cotton Posture Bra models
Most posture bras use strong, reinforced bands of material in the back, as well as extra support in the front and sides to help carry some of the weight that the muscles of the back would otherwise have to support. Most posture bras use front-closure design, due to the extra reinforced fabric in the back, but some do offer back closures. One can often purchase posture bra for close to the same price as regular bra, though some models might be more expensive.
Posture Back Support Bra
Posture Back Support Bra
Most of the weight of the breasts is carried by the muscles of the upper back. Sometimes, back, neck, and shoulder pain are result of lack of breast support, which causes bad posture. posture bra aims to correct this problem. Usually, since plus-sized women and women with large breasts need the most extra support, posture bras are sold in larger cup and band sizes in plus-size stores and websites. Common complaint by reviewers is from small women trying to find posture bras in the correct size.
Soft-Cup Posture Bra
Soft-Cup Posture Bra
A posture bra, in addition to the reinforced bands of material in the back, front, and sides, often has much wider shoulder straps than traditional bra. The wide straps distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders, reducing pain and making the bra more comfortable for long day of wear. The majority of reviewers support this claim, reiterating that, for everyday wear, posture bras are very durable and comfortable, but not the most flattering bras for tight outfits or night out.
glamorise lingerie magic lift embroidered cotton posture bra pictures
When choosing posture bra, one should decide which kind to get based on activity level and body type. One type, called longline design, is long enough to provide support to the entire torso to help maintain good posture during long periods of sitting or standing, such as during workday, or for women with larger breasts who may need more support. An athletic posture bra would be recommended for those who regularly engage in physical activity. Third kind of posture bra is made to closely resemble normal bra, which may be the most comfortable for those transitioning from normal bra to posture bra. 
natural frente LP-Specialized Posture Corrector Bra


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