Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Few ideas on fabulous Designer Evening Dress Patterns

Whether you're dressing up for a social occasion or wish to spend a quiet, romantic evening with someone special, dressing yourself in style is the key. Here's an article that gives you a few ideas on designer evening dresses.
Trendy Designer Womans Evening Dress Patterns Models
As you see the current fashion trend, you will find that some women love the gracious, long ball gown patterns and knee-length cocktail dress. There's no dearth to the different kinds of designer evening dresses. However, at the end of the day, taking your pick from the wide variety of options is bound to leave you a little frazzled.

pretty purple designer evening dress gown patterns
A-line evening dress pattern is most preferred by many. The fabric hugs you at your hips and then it widens into the 'A' shape in the bottom. You don't have to be a size zero in order to wear such A-line dresses; and that's the best part about them. The dresses and gowns don't have any pleats or slits in them, hence, the fabric will be tight at the hips. You can either choose a long, flowing gown or a dress that stays just above your knees.
Flower round red marriage dress skirt short design evening dress bride patterns
Ball gowns are most popular for their elegant and extremely sophisticated appeal. Depending on your body type, you can easily find amazing evening dresses that will accentuate your personality and figure perfectly. Such gowns can be worn at weddings or dance parties where the theme is formal. A ball gown is bound to give you the look of a princess straight from the fairy book! This is the ideal evening dress pattern for a woman who wants to play Cinderella!

With knee-length or long dresses, halter neckline looks really chic and sexy. Especially for women who have broad shoulders, halter neckline dresses are perfect. Evening dresses with a halter neck are bound to leave people around you with envious looks on their faces. A low back dress pattern will reveal the flirtatious side in you! Therefore, make sure you go all out to look your best and get that back and shoulders right in shape! Sexy halter evening dresses are bound to add more glitter and glamour to your evening!
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Cocktail dresses are ideal for the svelte woman who wishes to make a style statement. Cocktail dresses can be fun and flirty, and can be dressed up in various ways. Knee-length cocktail dresses are ideal for a semi formal event. Strapless gowns form a very popular pattern for most dress designs. Women who have no issues to flaunt their skin can go in for the strapless evening dress without thinking much about it. The strapless dress pattern looks really good with flared or even fitting evening dresses.

These dresses and dress pattern ideas should give you an idea about the various kinds of styles available. Choose one that best matches your personality and celebrate your evening in great style. So... what are you waiting for? Start shopping!!


  1. Thanks for this guide. I am looking at formal dresses for a gala ball I need to attend. I've never been to a formal party aside from prom, so I have been looking for tips. I want to get something with a vintage flare, but I wasn't sure what would work with my body type. I think it's a ball gown for me. Thanks for the help!