Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Advantages And Disadvantages When Buying Designer Underwear’s

Getting professional cut and high quality materials are some pros of buying designer underwear.

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Designer underwear is generally cut better than products with generic label and affordable price tag. This applies to underwear of both genders but especially to boxers, which have longer cut than most underwear. The cut follows the contours of the body to give comfortable but stylish fit. Sometimes designer underwear also has more size options so customers do not have to settle with the closest size that fits.

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In addition to having better fit, designer clothing lines often sell underwear for higher prices and can therefore afford to use more comfortable materials. These materials can range from high quality cotton to luxurious silks. Wool is less-often used designer underwear fabric, but its price is often on par with silk because of its moisture-wicking and odor-regulating properties. In addition to better fabrics, high quality dyes or ink that does not noticeably fade on the first washes are usually applied to garment.
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Potential downside to designer underwear is how much more expensive it is compared to regular brands. Depending on the brand name, materials used, and how extensive the crafting process is, designer underwear can be anywhere from 10 to 30 times the cost of cheap underwear. In addition, expensive underwear is no guarantee of quality. While designer underwear is likely to be better than average, it is difficult to judge how much of the cost covers materials and tailoring and what percentage of the mark up is only for the brand name.
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Another potential disadvantage to buying designer underwear is that there is little chance of showing it off. Many people purchase designer clothing for the sake of proudly displaying the exclusive logo. In fact, the love of brand names and specific logos is often at the heart of thriving black market counterfeit products like handbags and sunglasses. With undergarments, the main pro is getting quality clothing rather than clothing for the sake of status symbols.


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