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Micro Mini Skirt: Overt Displays Of Attractiveness And Sexuality

Micro mini skirt is an even shorter version of the popular mini skirt style. Micro mini skirt pushes the boundaries of the original mini skirt even further by boasting an even shorter and more revealing hemline.
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Mini skirts, whose hemlines rise far above the knees, were initially worn by women as rebellion against standards of modesty that repressed female sexuality by mandating fuller coverage. Micro mini skirts, in turn, followed up with hemlines that, most of the time, barely cover the buttocks. While the length of micro mini skirt is quite sparse, there are no limits on the volume of the garment; these tiny skirts can be skin tight or pleated and puffy.

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The micro mini skirt is most commonly associated with overt displays of attractiveness and sexuality. Popular examples of micro minis are the skirts worn by some professional cheerleaders and musicians. Other examples can include costumes, lingerie, or outfits sometimes seen in high-fashion spreads or runway shows. Micro mini skirts lend themselves well to these extreme, situation-specific styles, because they can be risky to incorporate into daily wardrobe. Generally, the daily use of the micro mini skirt is limited, as its extreme brevity of length makes it inappropriate for most school dress codes and places of employment.
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Some women, especially young women, are sometimes able to find place for micro mini skirts in their wardrobes. Nightclubs and bars that emphasize youth and sexuality tend to welcome exaggerated styles such as the micro mini skirt. These venues provide the opportunity for items like micro minis that are generally considered too bold for daytime wear to make appearances.
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Practically speaking, micro minis are also difficult to wear in instances that require wide range of motion, unless modesty is to be compromised. Dressing down micro mini skirt to make it appropriate for less adventurous styles or situations can be possible. If the skirt is long enough to reach past the buttocks, solid color, opaque stockings or tights can provide extra coverage.
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