Thursday, May 29, 2014

Choosing the Beautiful, Flattering, and Affordable Plus Size Evening Wear

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The best plus size evening wear will be beautiful, flattering, and affordable. It will be in a style and color that flatters your body and skin type. The best gown will also have features that emphasize your body's positive attributes and hide your body's flaws. Before you begin shopping, you need to take a good look at your body and indentify your body type.

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Plus size body types are typically grouped into three basic shapes: hourglass, pear shaped, and round. An hourglass plus sized body is quite shapely, with hips and bust fuller than the waist. The pear shaped body has narrow shoulders and small bust, with a full bottom and thighs. The round shape has a full bust and bottom, but an undefined waist and rounded tummy.
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To find your shape, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your body at the fullest line of your bust, waist, and bottom. To find your waist, simply lean your torso to one side. The resulting crease on the side of your torso is where you should measure your waist.
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The best plus size evening wear for the hourglass shape will emphasize the waist and either the bust or bottom. For instance, a long dress with a deep V-neck looks flattering. Another good option is a skirt in dressy fabric like satin, velvet, or sequins, coupled with a wrap top. Take care not to draw attention to all curvy areas at once, as this will disrupt the natural proportion of the body.
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If you have a pear shaped figure, avoid full skirts and tight bodices. To create the illusion of a proportioned body, look for dresses and tops with a few embellishments. Also avoid deep v-necks as they emphasize the smallness of the chest. Instead, look for a portrait collar or bateau neckline to make the shoulders appear wider.
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When you have determined your body type, consider what colors you look best in. Of course, dark colors are often slimming, but they are not flattering to all skin tones. You may also find that you look better in deep colors versus light colors, or vice versa. Warm skin tones respond well to peach, gold, tan, brown, and tropical blues like teal. Cool skin tones look good in pure, icy colors like purple, emerald green, black, and silver.


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