Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Helpful Information About Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Are you looking for information on side ponytail hairstyles? Go through this article to find out more on how to style your hair into a side ponytail.
Cute Selena Gomez Side Ponytail Hairstyles
One of the styles that has become a rage in the world of fashion and hairstyling is the low side ponytail. This ponytail style is not only sassy, but versatile too. No wonder, girls of all age groups love to sport this hairdo. Prom and homecoming are some of the occasions where you could spice up your look by donning this hairdo. Wedding is one of the most special days for women, when women want to look their best. With some styling and use of hair accessories, this hairdo might give you the perfect look for your special day. If you are wondering how to style your hair in this cute easy hairstyle, you can go through this information about side ponytail hairstyles.

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When it comes to ponytail styles, how and where you gather your hair will make all the difference. To make a side ponytail, start by combing your hair so as to disentangle it. Then comb your tresses over to one side and position the ponytail behind or in front of your ear. You can then use a fancy clip for tying your hair near the nape of your neck and let them fall over the shoulder. It surely gives the romantic look for occasions such as prom and homecoming. The fact that women are donning this hairdo for weddings or red carpet tells you how popular this hairstyle is.
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For those of you who wish to don a side ponytail for homecoming or other formal occasions, it would be a good idea to tease your tresses at the crown to create a height. You should also sweep your bangs to the sides. A side part or a zigzag part goes well with this popular prom hairstyle. Make sure that you don't tie your hair very tight. It looks best if the tresses are loosely pulled at the nape of the neck and gathered on one of the shoulders. If your hair is straight, then use a curling iron to create some nice waves or ringlets. Make sure that you use an anti-frizz serum to get rid of flyaway hair.
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Now that you know how to make a side ponytail, it's time to get those funky accessories out. Style your hair in side ponytail hairstyle and make heads turn!


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