Friday, May 30, 2014

The Most Popular Styles from Fitted Shirts – The different types of fitted shirts include closer-fitting, tapered upper garments for both men and women.

There are fitted dress shirts and blouses available as well as more casual wear. Fitted t-shirts and undershirts allow for layering on top of them without excess fabric becoming bulky. Fitted shirts are sold in many different colors and patterns as well as sleeve lengths.

Short-sleeved men's fitted dress shirts are made for summer wear and warmer climates.

They are ideal for wearing untucked over lightweight pants, as the bottom section near the hem is gently tapered rather than voluminous as in standard-fit shirts. Men's short-sleeved, fitted shirts may be in solid colors or patterned such as with solid, stripes or all-over designs.

Women's fitted summer weight shirts, or blouses, may be short-sleeved or sleeveless. Dressier versions of these types of fitted shirts feature notched collars, buttons and often darts at the bust for a more tailored fit. As with the men's warm weather fitted shirt styles, the colors and patterns available are wide. Whereas women's fitted shirt styles have seams or darts near the bust to add shaping without billowing amounts of fabric, men's versions are designed to give room at the chest while still being tapered to avoid excess material.

Longer-sleeved shirts with a tapered or tailored fit may be sold in light, medium or heavy weights of fabrics. Since all types of fitted shirts are designed to be much closer fitting to the body that standard-fitting garments, even the sleeves are usually more streamlined in shape. Athletic fit fitted shirt styles for men have ample room at the upper arms, neck and chest, while still keeping to an overall pared-down structure.

Fitted shirt styles may be categorized on clothing packages as "athletic," "slim" or "tailored" depending on the brand. Although the tapered qualities of fitted shirts suit slim-figured people since they may look "lost" in standard-fitted tops, a person of any size and build can look their best in this style. Full-figured ladies or men's shirts, for example, are designed to skim over bulges to flatter larger body types.

Undershirts and t-shirts with a fitted style tend to be made from stretchy rather than plain cotton. A stretchy, ribbed knit in fitted t-shirts and undershirts allows them to fit the body while still being comfortable. These types of pull-over fitted shirts may be thin and inexpensive or high-end, organic cotton or trendy styles.

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