Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Common Places Where Sexy Women Can Wear Micro Bikinis

Micro bikinis are an ultra-skimpy bathing suit. Some are so sparse in design that they are probably illegal to wear on public beaches in some countries that don't allow nude sunbathing.

pink zebra micro bikini design
A woman's micro bikinis might be little more than two very small pieces of fabric to hide the nipples and skimpy, low-cut thong bottom. Some micro bikinis are even skimpier and don't even bother with strips of cloth. Instead they use fishing wire or other nearly-invisible materials to hold the incredibly small pieces of fabric in place.

Micro Bikini in Swimwear Images
Some versions of the micro bikinis don't even bother to completely cover the genitalia. They may be so low cut in the front that the wearer is exposing themselves, or they may even be partially transparent. Others are specifically designed not to cover the breasts or genitalia. Some brands of male micro bikinis are just "socks" designed to cover the male parts in form-fitting fashion.

Micro Bikini Pictures
Many public swimming pools and beaches across the world have laws against micro bikinis, even if they are covering the important parts. Most public pools or any other public place where children are allowed will typically have rules against g-strings, let alone micro mini bikinis that are even more revealing than the typical thong. Private pools and beaches are typically where people can wear micro string bikinis in these countries. Their ultra-revealing nature also makes them very popular on adult websites and in adult films as well.
Ed Hardy women's micro bikini floral blue String hot images
One place where micro bikinis typically are commonplace and acceptable is at bodybuilding competitions. Since body builders are trying to show off as much of their muscles as possible, many times they will wear these incredibly revealing micro bikinis swimsuits. In this instance, the micro bikinis are not used as way to titillate or attract people. It is simply means to an end for both male and female bodybuilders to show as much of their definition and tone as possible.


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