15 Decorating Ideas And Tips To Help You Revamp Your House

Decorating a home does not mean paying money for everything. With simple ideas, practices and some tricks it is possible to give a new face to the image and the decoration of houses.Decoration of house

Decorating a home is no easy task. Each person has a different decorating style and must adapt to the environment they want to change and of course, to the allocated budget but, money is not fundamental. There are many tricks that can change the decoration of simple environments.

Decoration of environments applying the following 15 ideas

When the decor of the house is the same for a long time it becomes monotonous and boring. Changing some details of the house, without spending much, can cause a great variation in the visual effect that renews interior designs and the overall look.

The most important thing is to make decorations with changes looking for the harmony necessary to achieve a beautiful and relaxed place that suits our personal tastes.

Our houses are full of little details, many of them with sentimental value, but we must be careful to accumulate too many and overload the decoration. It is essential to be aware of the space we have and begin to see real ways of how to occupy it creatively, the decoration of small spaces must be precise and rationalized.

We’ll take a look at the 15 decorating ideas and tips on things we can do to revamp the environment with little expense. Many times you do not need to invest too much money, a low cost decoration may be the solution.

It is much more effective to use creativity, fantasy, good taste and small details.

1. Change the layout of the furniture

We can assure that put the furniture that we have, in different ways will bring a whole new aspect to the room decor. In other cases, adding inexpensive auxiliary furniture can cause the same effect.

In the bedroom decor we changed the bed in place using the rack as a headboard. The sorting boxes in this case have been chosen in white, but we have the possibility of giving color to the environment by replacing them with others of strong colors.

2. Restore furniture and get a decoration of rustic environments

If the change of place of the furniture is not enough, it’s time to get down to work. When it comes to changing the decoration with a low cost, rehabilitating some of the furniture more deteriorated or bought in the market is little investment. And the results are great; giving rise to the vintage style that is so fashionable. Decorating style with softer lines than a pure rustic design.

The first restorations can perform with simple methods such as the application of basic painting furniture but if the result we like, there are several types of technical furniture restoration that give different and beautiful finishes: as the patina, aging, varnishing… everything can change the total style of the furniture and get a decoration of rustic environments.

3. Invest in original objects

A very simple way to transform the image of our room’s decoration is to buy decorative objects (paintings, ceramics…) or cushions, blankets, carpets that, selected with a good criterion, bring about a radical change in interior decoration.

This investment of objects can be carried out comfortably through online decoration companies.

4. Placing pots with plants or flowers

Another excellent option is to arrange with plants in original pots that give life to the decoration of environments. This possibility can be applied in all decorations: bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, to the kitchen. The only drawback is that not all natural plants are suitable for all places, so we must first inform ourselves what plants we can place.

The plants with flowers or the artificial floral adornments are a great alternative to give freshness and color to the design of rooms.

5. Mount a wall with frames or photo gallery

Another idea of decorating interesting walls is to mount some with paintings or framed photographs. The possibilities are all but we advise to be careful not to overload the environment and even generate a visual conflict, we must follow a harmonic line. It is a trend decoration 2017 the use of photos on canvas.

In the case of decoration with photographs, the details will be selected by us; Can be personal images of our album or that show anything external.

6. Hanging unusual objects on the wall

The mirrors are old decoration. The ideas of making a gallery with several mirrors in various sizes and shapes is a surprise decoration.

The frames empty, old or new, colored or not, can give a new look to the decor walls if we want to change.

In the decoration kitchens 2017 reserve a corner where to place the vegetable plants and utensils will transform the appearance.

Finally, in the personal decoration if you like hanging on your walls anything, then do it.

7. Change the designs of the curtains

The curtains can be excellent decorative items and replace them can be a great idea to change the decoration of rooms. In addition to decorating the windows, they are also very interesting to separate different areas or give privacy to a corner.

The same advice goes for bathroom decor with shower curtain. This bathroom, there is no doubt that it is used by the little ones of the house although the whole base is white.

8. Give all the protagonism to the lamps

New lighting can be very costly, but there are beautiful cheap lamps, very cheap manufactured with spectacular designs that can become the strong point of the decoration of rooms. Model like the photo can be found in the lighting section Ikea

The choice of crafts and creating your own lamp from unused objects can give great results.

9. Reuse of curious objects

Give new life to old objects like wood, use pallets and suitcases. Exposed along with modern objects, we will be adding an air of elegant and sophisticated decoration.

The packaging boxes can help achieve low cost decoration great and resemble the decoration of rustic environments.

Just an old, open or closed suitcase can be very useful in the designs of environments.

10. Make your own furniture

Wood or other materials and a little effort we can build our own furniture cheap or for very little money.

11. Exchange small objects from time to time

The worst thing about interior decoration is that the time comes that we are no longer enthusiastic because we see the same thing every day. An economical option is to change the decorations or visible objects by others or simply of place. In the bathroom, changing bottles or towels can change the decoration of rooms.

In the design of the hall, changing the decorations (candle holders, door frames…) and the place chair can cause another effect.

12. Exhibiting musical instruments

The musical instruments are always bright and pleasant, they are objects to appreciate that can be part of the decoration, bringing sophistication and elegance.

And also joviality and modernism.

13. Transform the decoration of dining room environments

Furnish and decorate can be very expensive, but if you want to change your decor for little coordination with a strong color can give good results.

The decoration of small dining room environments can be easily changed with new curtains and some detail.

14. Modify the details of the living room decoration

Couple new details, in the living room or living room we all share, we will like. It is very simple to place some colorful cushions, place wicker baskets instead of books, flowers or plants, some pictures…

A great canvas as protagonist can give this result in the decoration of living environments

15. Gardening in the garden

We can not forget the outdoor decoration, our gardens, terraces or balconies also expect a little effort to improve their appearance. Building a harmonious area based on plants and pots will be beneficial to fully enjoy the exteriors of houses.

Another possibility that can transform the decoration of the outside environment is to build an orchard where to grow herbs, cooking, flowers…

Some photos of decoration of atmospheres we can find them in Pinterest.

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